D.A.S. Presents City Size Series “One” – Art Direction, Video, Audio, D.A.S.

Photo by Xu Xiaodong




D.A.S. MADE “WELCOME” T-shirt – Product, D.A.S.

13 copy IMG_5312 copy




Devolution Architecture Studio – Logo, D.A.S.





YANGLUTONG INC. Showreel 2013-2016 – Video




AXENT – Book design, Layout, D.A.S.

backcover 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 cover




Headache stocking cap & scarf – Products, YLT Label*

WechatIMG1 WechatIMG2 WechatIMG5 WechatIMG6 WechatIMG9 WechatIMG7 WechatIMG3 WechatIMG4 WechatIMG8 WechatIMG19 WechatIMG15 WechatIMG17 WechatIMG18 WechatIMG14 WechatIMG16 WechatIMG11 WechatIMG13 WechatIMG12 WechatIMG28 WechatIMG21 WechatIMG25 WechatIMG23 WechatIMG22 WechatIMG24 WechatIMG27 WechatIMG20

Photo by Jose Huang




Headache Lighter & Ashtray – Products, YLT Label*

4 8 2 1 3 4

Photo by Jose Huang




Headache Cup – Cup, Products, YLT Label*

1 2 3 4 5 7 8 9 66

Photo by Jose Huang




HEADACHE Plastic Bag – Package, YLT Label*





YALUTO “Office” Poster – Poster, YLT Label*

001 004 005 006




YALUTO Poster – Poster, YLT Label*





YALUTO Poster – Poster, YLT Label*





YalutoPrinto《Scan/Print/Copy》– Zine, Books, Print, YLT Label*

scanprintcopy-0 scanprintcopy-1 scanprintcopy-2 scanprintcopy-3 scanprintcopy-4 scanprintcopy-5 scanprintcopy-6 scanprintcopy-7 scanprintcopy-8 scanprintcopy-9




YALUTO “Office” Pokemon Poster – Poster, YLT Label*





YALUTO “Office” Poster – Poster, YLT Label*





YALUTO “Office Tool” Employee Card – Products, YLT Label*

1 2 3 4 5 6




YALUTO the basic line SEASON 1 – Products, Fashion, YLT Label*

6S6A5408 6S6A5479 6S6A5530 6S6A5592 6S6A5706 6S6A5655 6S6A5785 6S6A5763 6S6A5830 6S6A57496 6S6A5801 6S6A5808

Photo: Xiaopeng Yuan, Make up: Mountain Gao, Model: Lubinda




YALUTO Identity – Logo, Identity, Package, YLT Label*


6aef69dfgw1f4ko9se95uj20qo0zk763 6aef69dfgw1f4ko9rn0jcj21w02iohdt 6aef69dfgw1f4koa6rxsrj21w02iokjl 6aef69dfgw1f4koa3h7d8j21w02ionpd 6aef69dfgw1f4ko9zhqnij21w02iou0x 6aef69dfgw1f5scaktuspj21w01w01kx 6aef69dfgw1f6xwvalhqvj21w01vz1kx 6aef69dfgw1f6xwv8znazj21w01vz4qp 0060roJzgw1f6otuxfo6rj30m80tnap1 6aef69dfgw1f6520gpjonj21w02iox6q 6aef69dfgw1f651zordvbj21w02iob2a 6aef69dfgw1f651ywk4jdj21w02io1ky




HEADACHE Cap – Cap, Products, YLT Label*





YALUTO the basic line SEASON 1 Posters – YLT Label*, Poster

YLTtbl00 YLTtbl01 YLTtbl02YLTtbl03  YLTtbl04 YLTtbl06 YLTtbl07 YLTtbl08 YLTtbl09




SHUSHU/TONG Website – Web Design, Web Development

Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 1.33.02 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 1.34.36 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-11 at 1.38.25 PM

2.pic_hd0 1.pic_hd0 3.pic_hd




Five Rings by Y.L.T. – Symbol





Headache Pill.5 – Stickers, Tattoo Stickers, Products, Scanography, Project, YLT Label*

P501 P502 P503 P504 P601 P602 Web Web Web Web Web Web Web Web

Photo by Jose Huang




RadioHeadache Vol.1 – Radio, Sounds, Cover, Project, YLT Label*

cover01 radioheadache_vol1

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Dustin Wong & Takako Minekawa – Poster





Headache Cap – Products, Project, YLT Label*

P301 P302 P303 P304 P305 P306 P307 P308 P309 P310 P311 P312 P313 P314 P315 P316 P317

Photo by Jose Huang




次根 Lateral Roots – Book design, Layout, Zine, Project

27_cigen1 27_cigen2 27_cigen3 27_cigen4 27_cigen5 27_cigen6 27_cigen7 27_cigen8 27_cigen9 27_cigen10 27_cigen11 27_cigen12 27_cigen16 27_cigen17 27_cigen18 27_cigen19 27_cigen20

《次根》(Lateral Roots)是由摄影师杨圆圆、朱岚清与设计师杨鹿童合作发起的出版项目。

Lateral Roots is a collaborative publishing project of artists Yang Yuanyuan, Zhu Lanqing and designer Yang Lutong.
The project is developed from the interest of existing images, and references Deleuze’s concept of the “arborescent” in the title.
Here, the “lateral roots” are elements other than the main subject of the image, often captured inadvertently by the photographer,
and sometimes with greater significance.Lateral Roots is published in zine form, each issue is presented in different format according to the specific theme.




Headache Paper – Zine, Project, YLT Label*





YanglutongJosehuang 2016 – Poster, Scanography

YJ201601  YJ201602




Headache Pill.1 – Tattoo Stickers, Products, Scanography, Project, YLT Label*

headache-6 headache-7 headache-8 headache-9 headache-10 headache-11headachep1_01 headachep1_02 headachep1_03 headachep1_04 headachep1_05 headachep1_06 headachep1_07 headachep1_08 headachep1_09

Photo by Jose Huang




Wuu Furniture – Logo, Branding, Business Card, Styling

WUU_00 WUU_02 WUU_01 WUU_03

Photo by Xu Xiaodong  Styling by Yang Lu Tong




Disney Umbrella – Products

disneyUmb_01 disneyUmb_02 disneyUmb_03 disneyUmb_04 disneyUmb_05 disneyUmb_06

Photo by Xu Xiaodong




Ugly Cute – Logo, Branding, Package, Styling

Uglycute_01 Uglycute_02 Uglycute_03 Uglycute_04

Photo by Xu Xiaodong  Styling by Yang Lu Tong




Yucco Yu – Logo, Branding, Business Card, Styling

YuccoYu_01 YuccoYu_02 YuccoYu_03 YuccoYu_04 YuccoYu_05 YuccoYu_06

Photo by Xu Xiaodong  Styling by Yang Lu Tong




Mspecter – Logo, Branding, Business Card, Package, Styling

Mspecter_01 Mspecter_02 Mspecter_03 Mspecter_04 Mspecter_05 Mspecter_06 Mspecter_07 Mspecter_08 Mspecter_09 Mspecter_10 Mspecter_11 Mspecter_12

Photo by Xu Xiaodong  Styling by Yang Lu Tong




Mach Lab (Unused) – Logo

machlab_01 machlab_02




Mach Lab – Logo





Sfunchic – Logo, Branding, Package, Styling

Sfunchic_00 Sfunchic_01 Sfunchic_04 Sfunchic_02 Sfunchic_03

Photo by Xu Xiaodong  Styling by Yang Lu Tong




Llano – Logo, Branding, Package, Styling

llano_01 llano_02 llano_03 llano_04  llano_05 llano_06 llano_07 llano_08 llano_09

Photo by Xu Xiaodong  Styling by Yang Lu Tong




Snli – Logo





Llano × Ugly Cute – Crossover, Pattern, Package, Products, Styling

LlanoUglyCute_01  LlanoUglyCute_04   LlanoUglyCute_03LlanoUglyCute_02

Photo by Xu Xiaodong  Styling by Yang Lu Tong




Wild L by Yi Chen – Poster





Chocolate & – Naming, Logo, Branding, Package, Styling

Chocolate_01 Chocolate_02 Chocolate_03

Photo by Xu Xiaodong  Styling by Yang Lu Tong




Old Fish Film – Business Card, Styling


Photo by Xu Xiaodong  Styling by Yang Lu Tong




Extraodinary Gallery Website – Web Design

ExtraodinaryGallery Website_01  ExtraodinaryGallery Website_02  ExtraodinaryGallery Website_03  ExtraodinaryGallery Website_04  ExtraodinaryGallery Website_05




龍 Dragon – Typeface

 Old Version – Web Design, Web Development

Yalutocom_01  Yalutocom_02  Yalutocom_03  Yalutocom_04  Yalutocom_05




Larry Pan – Logo, Motion, Experimental

LarryPan_01  LarryPan_02

This design was inspired by the Chinese acupuncture points and acupuncture.
This graphic means to break the routine and synesthesia.




Snake 2013 – Gif





Italo Felice Bridal – Logo





日新中心 The Renewal Center – Logo, Branding

TheRenewalCenter_01 TheRenewalCenter_01 TheRenewalCenter_02

The Renewal Center is a Shanghai based Non-profit Organization.
Target audience of TRC are tramps. TRC providing shelter for them. Giving them technical training and provide job opportunities.




No.16 Douxi Road – Symbol